Community Education

The Desert Oasis Teaching Gardens are a community education and experiential learning space where we explore the possibilities and potential for growing food in the arid Southwest. Our two acres have designated areas for testing new technologies and solutions, and holding classes and workshops that impart skills and knowledge to people of all ages. Community members can engage in hands-on learning opportunities which equip them with tangible skills to make changes in their own lives.

The Desert Oasis Teaching Gardens provides a place for our community to join together to learn, laugh, and relax. We work according to the principles of stewardship and resilience. We must thrive with our limited resources and care for the land so that it can continue to support us in the face of drought and other climate uncertainty. The Desert Oasis Teaching Gardens draws inspiration from the natural high desert landscape as well as the agricultural traditions of the regional Pueblo, Hopi, and Navajo peoples; the Spanish, Moorish, and Jewish families that settled here; and other arid farmers around the world. The garden is a space for sharing those histories as well as hopes for the future through storytelling, visual arts, and performance.



Throughout the year, we offer several specialty workshops which allow in depth learning opportunities on specific topics. Whether you're interested in the particulars of pruning or installing a cistern, or want to learn how to build bat boxes or recycled drip-tape baskets, we've got a class for you!
To find out about upcoming workshops, visit our Events page.


Learn-Work Days

Learn-Work Days provide hands-on learning opportunities in the garden, while contributing to garden maintenance and growth. From transplanting and raised bed construction, to irrigation installation and rain water catchment, these work days help us educate our community while meeting the needs of the garden. Learn-Work days occur nearly every month and are open to everyone.
To find out when our next work day is, check out our Events page.


Teacher Outreach

Recognizing the need for teacher specific resources, the DOT Gardens offer workshops, curriculum, and networking opportunities for teachers throughout the Southwest. We provide desert adapted gardening knowledge and curriculum and hands-on training for educators.
For more information, contact our Garden Manager, Tiana Baca at


Water Smart Gardening Classes

Working in collaboration with the ABC Water Utility Authority, the DOT Gardens host a series of Water Smart Gardening classes throughout the year. These specialized classes provide Albuquerque residents with tangible solutions to water conservation and desert food production. Plus, attendees earn a water rebate from the city!
To find out when the next Water Smart class is, check out our Events page.


Community Lectures

Throughout the year, the DOT Gardens host a series of professional speakers. These community lectures are open to the public and provide interested community members with in-depth knowledge on topics ranging from environmental stewardship and organic farming, to the lore and lure of the world's hottest peppers.

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