Jim Brooks (owner) is our go-to guy for soil questions, earthwork planning, and cistern installation. We love their compost and top-soil blends.

Plants of the Southwest

With everything you need to grow veggies, flowers, shrubs, and trees here in New Mexico, they are one of our primary sources for seeds and mature plants.

Native Seed Search

A wonderful source of native, traditional, and heirloom varieties from the Southwest, they are one of our primary sources for seeds.

Wild Garden Seed

With a commitment to genetic diversity and integrity, Wild Garden Seed is one of our favorite seed companies. We utilize their seed specifically in our seed saving projects.

The Gardens Edge & Epic Seeds

A local NM company with a global connection. We've been blessed to host Guatemalan farmers and learn food preparation, harvest, and planting techniques.

Seed Savers Exchange

A non-profit committed to maintaining heirloom varieties and genetic heritage, they are another of our favorite seed companies.

Curtis and Curtis Seeds

Specializing in native grass seeds, Curtis and Curtis are our go-to company for bulk cover crop seed.

Greenhouse and Garden Supply

This is our source for starter trays and cells for the greenhouse. They have a large selection of potting mixes and amendments as well.

Kencove Farm Fence Supply

We've utilized some of their fencing supplies to build our rabbit exclusion fencing.

Neumark Irrigation

Neumark has been our primary source of irrigation supplies, including our drip-irrigation lines.

Growing Awareness Urban Farm

A local producer of ollas, they provide a vast selection of sizes and shapes for any need. We're using their ollas to irrigate in our production area.

Surv-Tek, Inc.

Surv-Tek donated their time and energy to complete a survey of the DOT Garden site to assist us in the expansion and construction of the gardens.