Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Desert Oasis Teaching Gardens?

The Desert Oasis Teaching Gardens is a community education and experiential learning space where we explore the possibilities and potential for growing food in the arid Southwest. We bring together traditional knowledge, innovative technologies, and community insight to foster creative solutions to the challenges of living and growing in a hotter dryer land. With a passion for hands-on education, we’re creating a training center that guides educators and prepares individuals, both young and old, to meet current complexities and future challenges. Through school based curriculum and community workshops, we empower individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to address water scarcity, soil health, habitat restoration, and food security.

  • We??deliver practical, hands-on training to help the Albuquerque community grow plants and food in the desert and address the impacts of climate uncertainty.
  • We??seek to engage people who are interested in growing food and build a community of farmers and gardeners who are able to grow healthy, fresh food in a way that addresses our desert climate and increasing climate uncertainty.


What makes the DOTG unique?

While there are modest school-based gardening programs and community gardens are popping up all over the US, none have the combination of:

  • Providing direct and positive response to the global issues of climate uncertainty and natural resource depletion
  • Combining innovative technologies with traditional knowledge about food growing and irrigation
  • Taking the classroom into nature
  • Promoting evidence based inquiry, in-field research, and sharing data with everyone
  • Adapting and studying drylands growing techniques (based on the cutting-edge work of author and professor Gary Paul Nabhan and his book,??Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land)
  • Being easily accessible to all ages ? youth, families, seniors
  • Encouraging people to become agile thinkers, connected social innovators, and nuanced problem solvers
  • Fostering citizen scientists, inspiring teachers, and encouraging leaders who will guide from an understanding of our interdependent world.


What is the relationship between the Desert Oasis Teaching Gardens and Albuquerque Academy?

The DOT Gardens is a project of??Albuquerque Academy??and is part of the campus-wide??Sustainability Program.

While we are a part of the Albuquerque Academy community, we are largely self-funded through outside donations and support. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help the DOT Gardens grow,??click here.


How is the DOTG connected to APS and other schools in the region?

Through the??APS Growing Gardens Team, the DOT Garden is working to develop and promote relationships with APS and other educators in the area.


How is the Desert Oasis Teaching Gardens funded?

Beginning in fall 2013, the DOT Gardens has worked closely with the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority (ABCWUA) for rebates related to the conversion of turf grass to desert-adapted species and approved irrigation methods. These funds??supported the early development of the DOTG, from 2013-2016.

The DOTG has also received grants from the??PNM Resources Foundation, the??Harris Foundation, and??Project Learning Tree.

In addition, we rely on charitable giving and donations of goods and services. Visit our??Suppliers??and??Consultants??pages for more information about the local businesses who have helped support the DOTG.