The Desert Oasis Teaching Garden provides a place for our community to join together to learn, laugh, and relax. In our community-based garden, students young and old can learn by doing:

  • Build a worm bin
  • Design a pollinator garden
  • Install water harvesting cisterns
  • Plant, grow, and harvest food.

The DOT garden teaches us where our food comes from and how growing food can sustain our bodies, our minds and our planet.

We work according to the principles of stewardship and resilience. We must thrive with our limited resources and care for the land so that it can continue to support us in the face of drought and other climate uncertainty. The Desert Oasis Teaching Garden draws inspiration from the natural high desert landscape as well as the agricultural traditions of the regional Pueblo, Hopi, and Navajo peoples; the Spanish, Moorish, and Jewish families that settled here; and other arid farmers around the world. The garden is a space for sharing those histories as well as hopes for the future through storytelling, visual arts, and performance.